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Fresh Beauty + Man Repeller Strawberry Soiree
Simply Gharib, Man Repeller, Fresh Beauty
Simply Gharib, Man Repeller, Fresh Beauty

SG’s First Brand Dinner

Forever thankful for all the goals I can check off my list and for all the wonderful support I receive.

A first Brand Dinner marks another accomplishment on a list of 2019 goals I set for myself in regards to this blog and I truly hope you all enjoyed the videos and photos from the event. Last week’s dinner was hosted by Man Repeller x Fresh Beauty for a new Sugar Strawberry Exfoliating Face Wash, which I wrote a short post on.

The first Man Repeller event for Spring and they picked a location with the most spectacular view - North Brooklyn Farms in Williamsburg. Plus, if you know me, then you know I love a good table setting and the photos speak for themselves!

So like most of these events, I didn’t know anyone and just had to socialize and network, with some pretty amazing women. Which can seem awkward at first, but it’s something I’m trying to work on. The girls were more than welcoming when it came to making conversation over cocktails and sunset views. (not that I could eat or drink anything at the time, since it’s Ramadan!)

Fresh Beauty Sugar Strawberry Face Wash on: Sephora / Fresh Beauty

How to attend Brand events

I went to this event through Man Repeller, while I was there I met Katie (head of Fresh Beauty PR) and a few other great women. It’s all about networking and being your true self, which I sometimes struggle with, especially on Instagram, where I don’t know how to fully be myself. For pointers on getting into future events is to 1. Network at free events! You never know who you will meet, so socialize, smile, and have a great time. 2. Don’t be shy to reach out to those you connected with. 3. Reach out to brands you’d love to work with/attend events to learn more about them.


Network at Events

I say follow people and brands you admire on Instagram and look for opportunities to meet up. Start by going to free events in your area that are open to the public, make an account of Eventbrite and find some free events or follow Man Repeller for their networking events, and (of course) network! Be friendly. Talk to people. Post about the event on your social media channels. Be sure to use the hashtag so people looking back over the event photos see your pics / videos. The best way to get on a mailing list for events is to network and make those connections.

Simply Gharib, Man Repeller, Fresh Beauty
Simply Gharib, Man Repeller, Fresh Beauty

Don’t be shy

I wasn’t asked to write a post on the Fresh Beauty product, to post photos/stories, or in any way promote their new line. But, if you really like it, why not just do it anyway. I sent my post to the Head of Fresh Beauty PR, which may or may not work out to anything, but at least she responded and now has my email! It’s better to have the experience, so in the future you can explain to other brands what you could do for them. Tell them you'd love to attend and take pics to post/write about them. Offer to help in some way with promoting the event. It’s more a give-and-take.


Reach out

There's no sense in networking if you can't give people your contact info. Make it easy for them. Have a card or a sticker or something with your information on it that you can hand out as you meet people. Don’t be afraid to reach out and get in contact with PR companies, Social Media teams, or DM brands, etc… If they cant’t help in the moment, (like I said) at least they’ll have your email and info on file. Important step is to reach out and try to make a connection.

Simply Gharib, Man Repeller, Fresh Beauty

For everyone else who isn’t interested in blogging or attending influencer events, I do hope I am able to talk/post/show enough to still make you feel a part of the community. I love to include everyone and feel like we’re together!