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NYFW [Day 2] While Working Full-Time
Wearing: CO.  jumpsuit , Zara  pants (   similar   )

Wearing: CO. jumpsuit, Zara pants (similar)

[Day 2] consisted of casually walking out of my office and then darting to the subway to catch the train within my hour (…and a half lol) lunch break.



Absolutely beautiful presentation screamed of parisian-inspired summer. The los Angeles-base brand, L'AGENCE debuted for its third year at NYFw. They brought the French Riviera to chelsea art district in New York last week and I was in love the moment I laid eyes on the designs.

L'Agence S/S 2020 - Vogue

L'Agence S/S 2020 - Vogue

brand continues to evolve each season, The LA sensibility and wearability is something... that is threaded through every collection.
— Jeffrey Rudes
L'Agence S/S 2020 - Vogue

L'Agence S/S 2020 - Vogue

The collection fused it's classic luxury fabrics with couture-inspired tailoring, for their diverse and, jet-setting women. Silk headscarves, slips, and tweed suits were accompanied with the latest footwear from Chloe Gosselin. Embracing a love affair with the Mediterranean, L’AGENCE SS20 captures the essence of a laissez-faire lifestyle in romantic French fashion.

it came in the form of a garden rose print (a nice break from the popular solid denim and silks) and matching shorts suits. A belted shirtdress also punctuated the collection. These novelties were welcome. The jeans, blazers, camis, and slips will always sell, so why not incorporate a touch more oomph into the silhouettes or the textures? Maybe revisit collaborating with runway designers on denim, as he smartly did with J Brand? Though he emphasized the importance of staying consistent and following the demands of the customer, Rüdes has established L’Agence as a successful business; there’s room to grow.


Concept Korea:

Absolutely beautiful presentation…

Concept Korea S/S 2020 - Purple PR

Concept Korea S/S 2020 - Purple PR

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— Claire C.
Concept Korea S/S 2020 - Purple PR

Concept Korea S/S 2020 - Purple PR

Concept Korea, the government-sponsored fashion show aimed at helping emerging Korean designers to promote themselves outside Korea, returns to New York Fashion Week with a narrowed focus on two breakout young talents: IISE and LIE.

Concept Korea is organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) and the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA).

IISE, which translates to 2nd generation, is a brand dedicated to creating products with a street interpretation of Korean heritage. Each piece is made in Seoul, utilizing a combination of Korean fabrics, techniques, and a mix of modern and traditional design aesthetics. Using high quality materials and a focus on craftsmanship, we strive to create wardrobe staples with special characteristics that make each piece uniquely IISE.

LIE, established by Chungchung Lee, whom graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art, emphasize on “Everyday Wear Luxury With a Twist” which adds its own twist of innovative design elements and details to create a unique collection. The signature tailoring combined with an experimental use of various fabrics highlights the brand’s vision.

NYFW [Day 1] While Working Full-time
Wearing: H&M   dress  , All Saints   jacket  , F21  shoes

Wearing: H&M dress, All Saints jacket, F21 shoes

[Day 1] of my second New York Fashion Week (NYFW) season ever!

When I first started receiving invites last season, I was surprised, to say the least. The idea of experiencing NYFW, something I had only seen online, in real life, was just crazy — and I was nervous AF. The minute I entered Spring Studios, I regretted the decision, because I didn’t know what to expect… but wow. Like WOW, did I feel amazing after watching my first runway show. It may not be for everyone, but it’s an experience, and experiences are what make life exciting.

This season I was surprised to have received as many invites as I did. To be honest, I was not prepared for it, especially since I work full-time. So I decided to share the experience with anyone and everyone. As for myself, I stuck to a schedule of one show during work hours and all afternoon shows. So I picked the ones I absolutely wanted to experience in person (of course, I would’ve loved to see them all). For Day 1, that was definitely All Things Mochi, followed by afternoon shows of Rizhou and ICY Dynasty, while my friend Asma covered the i-am-chen show for me.


All Things Mochi:

Jordanian-born, Dubai-Based designer, Ayah Tabari, was a delight to meet during the presentation of her latest PHILIPPINES-inspired collection. All Things Mochi stays true to it’s colorful, whimsical, and cultural details. The designs definitely have me excited for Spring 2020!

All Things Mochi S/S 2020 - NYFW

All Things Mochi S/S 2020 - NYFW

Every collection is handcrafted by local artisans using traditional methods of embroidery to create contemporary pieces.
All Things Mochi S/S 2019 NYFW

All Things Mochi S/S 2019 NYFW

All Things Mochi stayed true to their amazingly unique style of bright colors, cultural integration, and extraordinary prints. This season’s concept around Phillipines, included handcrafted pieces from local artisans - full of colors, ruffles, and floral patterns! Ayah Tabari took All Things Mochi to a whole new level this season, as she presents her pieces in New York for the second time (woo!). The presentation itself included traditional dancers and drum players, only making me appreciate the design even more. The Dubai-based label presented at the Top of the Standard hotel rooftop and indeed went to a high standard of skirts and dresses this collection. The mixture of modern boho/inflused with Asian style and hues created a statement. Needless to say, I am already excited for Spring 2020 outfits!



the show featured one of the freshest new on the scene designer: i-am-chen. An engineering student turned fashion designer, who debuted pops of color and material mixtures, debuted at spring studios. Reason this is so amazing is because Spring studios is known to present high designers, like Michael Kors and Sally LaPointe - a great scene for an up and coming designer.

Laurence & Chico Fall-Winter 2019

Laurence & Chico Fall-Winter 2019

My collection is for people who have a young soul regardless of age. The opportunity and support that the growing Chinese economy and market offers [Chinese designers] is something that designers from elsewhere in the world can never imagine.
— Zhi Chen
 i-am-chen RTW Spring 2020

Zhi Chen, the founder of i-am-chen, represents another type of designer in China — young and emerging. A semi-finalist in the 2018/2019 International Woolmark Prize Hong Kong and a recent graduate of the Parsons School of Design ( I went there Freshman Year - great school!) in New York City. Chen offered fashion fans the highlight of the day with a knitwear-heavy collection that was likely to be a hit across a global market. Her debut at Spring Studios marks a milestone in her career. “Good designs don’t need labels. Good designs are good. It doesn’t matter if they are created in China or in any other country.” - Zhi Chen.


ICY Dynasty

Walking into the dimly-lit room, I was already captured! This was my first time experiencing a collective. “ICY Presents: Dynasty” featured 4 designers, each turned to a different historical Chinese dynasty for inspiration. The concept was to select a period based on each distinct artistic styleto highlight traditional Asian culture with a modern update.

Hiuman S/S 2020 - NYFW

Hiuman S/S 2020 - NYFW

This collective is named “ICY Presents: Dynasty.” Each designer turned to a different historical Chinese dynasty for inspiration.
Fengyi S/S 2020 - NYFW

Fengyi S/S 2020 - NYFW

Walking into Spring Studios the venue was dimly lit, projecting purple lights, playing traditional Chinese music, and a sense of mysticism fell over me. I had zero idea of what to expect, but found my seat and waited for the show. The four designers were: Huiman, Leaf Xia, Fengyi Tan, and All Comes From Nothing - presented in that order. My absolute favorite collections were All Comes From Nothing and Fengyi Tan.

Huiman: The first brand of the night, Huiman, had beauty in its simplicity (top left image) — long, wispy sleeves and loose-fitting clothing in lavender, mint green and white were prominent and calming. The unique use of tassels — either around the model’s neck, covering their face or cinched at the waist, gave this collection a hint of restriction despite the loose tailoring.

Leaf Xia: Leaf Xia’s collection was colorful and unpredictable, and a bit too extreme for my taste. Unlike Hiuman, the colors focused on neons: pink, green, yellow, with bright butterfly and flower prints. Bold in its own way, but I appreciate relatable design far more than artistic statements.

Fengyi Tan: The long and loose blazers of this collection came in various pastels, and the satin on the fringes or collars added a touch of shine. However, it was the accessories that stole the show — slinky-inspired earrings wrapped around the models’ heads, a few models sported masks and others wore headpieces that resembled hats without crowns.

All Comes From Nothing: Black, khaki, blue and gold were dominant throughout designer Eva Xu’s line. Loose frills were hemmed onto the majority of the pieces, and wedged boots with gold soles accompanied them. Overall, the collection was cohesive and consistent but without any standout looks.

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