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Tea for Life

My mom (the main influencer in life) taught me, at a very young age, that there’s a tea for almost everything! Most people who know me, know I love tea (obsessed even). I am constantly drinking tea at work or at home, and I believe these delicious, herbal blends can help heal us from the inside out. So when coworkers or friends tell me of their: Stomachache? I say “drink tea.” Lack of energy? Tea. Can’t sleep? Tea. Want clear skin? Tea. So I figured why not share a post on which teas I use for what problems:

to Sleep

You’ve probably seen the “sleepy-time” tea options at the store. If you find yourself tossing and turning in bed for an uncomfortable amount of time before freaking out, or worse, reaching for the medicine cabinet, grab some Chamomile tea. It’s known for its calming effects by reducing overall stress and anxiety. Proven to increase overall sleep quality by decreasing the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, and the number of times you might wake up in the middle of the night.

Common Cold

While Echinacea tea will not cure your cold, it will help make your symptoms feel better by easing a slightly blocked nose and the tickle in your throat. Echinacea provides a huge immunity boost, which can help reduce the length of a cold, soothe your sore throat, and reduce your scratchy cough. Most  “cold time” teas have Echinacea in them, but now you know why!


My absolute favorite is  Green tea, not only for its soothing taste, but its filled with antioxidants. Proven to help improve the look of blemishes and skin redness. A cup a day can help your skin maintain clarity, but it’s also been proven to work when applied topically (hence a few green tea products).


To melt any gastro problem away, Peppermint tea happens to do the trick every time. Peppermint has been shown to have a basket full of benefits for the digestive tract, including its ability to relax spasms happening in your digestive system, relieve indigestion, pass gas, and work to aid the digestive process. Additionally, it’s been proven to ease symptoms of the way to common, but not talked about enough, irritable bowel syndrome. For issues like nausea, Ginger tea is fantastic for its anti-inflammatory properties, like calming the stomach down and easing any signs of vomiting.

Lack of Energy

There’s more than one type of tea containing caffeine, but Black tea is by far the most energy-boosting tea I know. An eight-ounce serving typically provides half the amount of caffeine as coffee; so if you’re looking for an energy boost that’s not as intense or jittery as that of coffee, aim for a cup of black tea to start your morning. matcha is known to provide a more steady flow of energy throughout the day instead of coffee’s instant boost—which is perfect if you’re looking to avoid a hard afternoon crash.

Wearing:  Patbo   Skirt   | Chaser   Tank Tee   | Fendi   Boots

Wearing: Patbo Skirt | Chaser Tank Tee | Fendi Boots

Random post about tea, well not so random, since I was battling a cold (for a day). Traveling between sunny Miami and cold New York takes a toll on my body. Not to mention wearing this outfit when Miami weather decided to suddenly drop 20 degrees… but what can I say, I really wanted pair this ruffle skirt with an edgy band tee.

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