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NYFW [Day 3] While Working Full-time
Wearing: Adeam  dress , Staud   bag  , Fendi   shoes

Wearing: Adeam dress, Staud bag, Fendi shoes

[Day 3] After spending the weekend in Miami with my husband, I landed back in NY, Monday morning, and hit the ground running. From the airport I went straight to work and canceled all shows that afternoon. Tuesday I went into work late, starting my day with a beautiful show by (my favorite) Noon by Noor. While I was at work, my friend attended the Pamella Roland show, which looked absolutely exquisite. For my lunch break (which I took it at 3pm), I went to the Cynthia Rowley show. It took me 18 minutes each way, with a combination of subway and running, but I made it!! And WOW it was the most amazing show I had ever attended to date - it was held outdoors on a street in Tribeca… need I say more!

Ended my night, ever so glamorously, at a late night meeting with the city planning board for two projects I’ve been working on. I can proudly say both were approved, and (hopefully) will get built this year! And that, my friends, was Day 3 of NYFW in a nutshell.


Noon by Noor:

Designers Shaikha Noor and Shaikha Haya Mohammed blew us away with their Bahraini pearl inspired collection! I absolutely love their show, probably the one I looked forward to the most. Noon by Noor was the first NYFW show I ever attended (Feb 2019) and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Noon by Noor S/S 2020 - NYFW

Noon by Noor S/S 2020 - NYFW

Modern and effortless with a focus on striking prints and intricate embellishments, Noon By Noor’s refined aesthetic fuses understated luxury with a playful femininity.
— Noon by Noor
Noon by Noor S/S 2020 - NYFW

Noon by Noor S/S 2020 - NYFW

According to their show description, the entire collection was inspired by the Bahraini pearl, with literal forms of the pearl appear as fastenings, trims, and embroidery. The pearl was also interpreted as a symbolic motif in the polka dot print and woven dotted stripes. What I loved most was how the shear dresses and pearl embroidered fabrics inherit the brand’s fragile elegance and luxury. It’s all in the colors and details, with white, black, pearl grey, and shell pink worked into the fabrics, either woven or on the print, it all created the perfect, elegant summer vibes.

The show had a mixture of high waisted trousers, pleated blouses, striped dresses, all with an aura of tough femininity and an assortment of summer ready accessories. I loved the handbags, at one point I started zooming in to take photos of their adorable beach bags and sandals.


Cynthia Rowley:

My oh My, leave it to Cynthia Rowley to turn a tucked-away street in TriBeCa into an animated, Dr. Seuss-inspired runway! The theme chosen was seuss’ “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”. Models strutted down the street in the most beautiful designs, on a runway with images from the book printed on it. I was mesmerized the entire show, as were the onlookers from adjacent buildings.

Cynthia Rowley S/S 2020 - NYFW

Cynthia Rowley S/S 2020 - NYFW

Cynthia Rowley’s spring collection channeled the adventurous, playful spirit of Dr. Seuss’ (Oh, the Places You’ll Go).
Cynthia Rowley S/S 2020 - NYFW

Cynthia Rowley S/S 2020 - NYFW

Oh the places you’ll go, indeed, to a street in the middle of Tribeca touched by the whimsical elements of Dr. Seuss. The runway set the stage for a spectacular show featuring a 200-ft rug with printed images from the books, green and striped balloons floating over and a sea of attendees filling the streets. I was so excited before the show even started, but it was honestly beyond my imagination. Rowley infused Dr. Seuss’ designs into her own mash-up, mixed with femininity. Every. Single. Piece. was an outstanding success in alluding to the whimsical art that is Dr. Seuss. The scalloped details, mixing of color blocks, even the make-up and hair, added to the details and beauty of the collection. My favorite pieces were the different colored trousers and graphic printed dresses, which made it totally worth my lunch break!


Pamella Roland:

It’s hard not to fall in love with every dress Pamella Roland creates. As one of the first brands to ever reach out with an invitation, I was sad I couldn’t attend this season (instead a friend attended). Every collection seems to be a continuation of the luxurious aesthetic and level of quality that Pamella is known for.

Pamella Roland NYFW 2020 - Vogue

Pamella Roland NYFW 2020 - Vogue

We always try to incorporate bold new colors with classic silhouettes that will always be the core of collection
— Pamella DeVos
Pamella Roland NYFW 2020 - Vogue

Pamella Roland NYFW 2020 - Vogue

The collection of evening wear showcased decadent gowns, mini dresses, jumpsuits and pantsuits. It’s hard to take your eyes off the runway when a mixture of light pink feathered dresses and a Cinderella-blue gowns are walking down the stage. Not that I would know since I wasn’t there!!! But I imagine so.

This season, Pamella Roland, incorporated bold approaches in colors and textures among their traditional soft colored embroidery and silhouettes. The re-imagined design approach of adding in dyed pearls, 3D flowers, and hammered sequins is a game changer in how evening wear is viewed… and quite honestly I love it. It’s bold, it’s new, it’s different, and I love when brands aren’t afraid to test new waters.

NYFW [Day 2] While Working Full-Time
Wearing: CO.   jumpsuit

Wearing: CO. jumpsuit

[Day 2] consisted of casually walking out of my office “for lunch” and then darting to the subway to catch the train within my hour (…and a half ) break. I don’t usually take a lunch break, but I definitely couldn’t miss the L’Agence presentation (it was my first time invited). ! Meanwhile, my cousin Salma attended her first solo show (!!!) for the Concept Korea runway collection, since I had to go back to work. This season is was difficult to detach from wanting to attend everything. I had to remind myself I only get paid for one of my two jobs… and that’s the architecture one (therefore my priority). I did, however, give friends tickets to attend and experience… only 3 ever told me about the experience, but it’s okay.

Presentations are a bit different from runway shows. Instead of models walking down a long stage, they’re standing all together (a bit like a display showroom). Brands usually give a 2-3 hour window for attendees to come in-between shows, so it’s much easier to attend but also more informal. You can sip on a cocktail (not if you’re headed back to work…) while walking up to gaze at the collection and mingling with others.



Absolutely beautiful presentation that screamed of parisian-inspired summer. The los Angeles-based brand, L'AGENCE, debuted for the third year at NYFw and brought the French Riviera to chelsea art district. I was in love the moment I laid eyes on the designs.

L'Agence S/S 2020 - Vogue

L'Agence S/S 2020 - Vogue

brand continues to evolve each season, The LA sensibility and wearability is something... that is threaded through every collection.
— Jeffrey Rudes
L'Agence S/S 2020 - Vogue

L'Agence S/S 2020 - Vogue

Deep in Chelsea, Manhattan within an industrial building, the French Riviera awaited with L’Agence’s new collection. The classic luxury-inspired outfits screamed summer romance couture with a Mediterranean love affair. The accessories were nothing short of perfection - the silk scarves, belts, and sunglasses left you ready to jet-set to France or set sail on a yacht. I will definitely be pairing every outfit with a silk scarf and Chloe Gosselin footwear, because how else can we summer in 2020!

The slips and belted shirt dresses were just enough to take my breathe away when entering the presentation space. L’Agence went a step further and truly captured the essence of laissez-faire French lifestyle. Done in the form of garden rose prints and short/suited outfits with, of course, the silk scarves (an accessory I’ve only seen Krystal Bick beautifully rocking). Needless to say, the collection was well worth running up and down the streets on my lunch break.


Concept Korea:

edgy. When I think of Concept Korea I think edgy. featuring up and coming korean designers: LIE - 이청청 IISE - 김인태, 김인규 LEYII - 이승희 gave us all a sneak peek into korea’s interpretation of design. Let’s just say It will be inspiring my NY outfits this year.

Concept Korea S/S 2020 - Purple PR

Concept Korea S/S 2020 - Purple PR

Inspired by UNESCO’s cultural heritage of humanity, LIE’s S/S 2020 collection draws inspiration from ‘Haenyeo’, who are female ocean divers indigenous and unique to the South Korean province of Jeju Island.
Concept Korea S/S 2020 - Purple PR

Concept Korea S/S 2020 - Purple PR

What I love about Concept Korea, similar to my ICY Dynasty post, is it is a fashion show aimed to helping emerging designers. The shows allow them to promote outside of Korea, in New York - the fashion capital. The young breakout designers featured were: LIE, IISE, and LEYII, with very artistic approaches to their designs.

LIE (Life is Expression) approached everyday wear with a twist, adding in their own innovative design elements and various fabric highlights, creating a truly unique collection. IISE with a street interpretation of Korean heritage, each piece made in Seoul. The concept of “Chaebol”, specific to South Korea, represents a family owned companies, with their design approach to modern uniforms for these fictional companies in the IISE world with a combination of Korean fabrics, techniques, and a mix of modern and traditional design aesthetics. LEYII contemporary brand focusing on women’s femininity, labeled “blossoming flower” Blossoming Love. There is a synergy between the beauty of blooming flowers and a woman on the cusp of falling in love. The collection displays parallels between an adolescent flower that is on the brink of full bloom and a woman experiencing the titillating sensation of a looming love.

Even though I didn’t experience this show myself, I was happy my cousin went on her own. I know it can be quite challenging to try new things, like attend a NYFW show alone, but she ended up loving the experience. With a collection this beautiful, how could you not! - she did mention the performance and intros to each collection was amazing.

NYFW [Day 1] While Working Full-time
Wearing: H&M   dress  , All Saints   jacket  , F21  shoes

Wearing: H&M dress, All Saints jacket, F21 shoes

[Day 1] of my second New York Fashion Week (NYFW) season ever!

When I first started receiving invites last season, I was surprised (to say the least). The idea of experiencing NYFW, something I had only ever seen in movies, was just crazy — and I was nervous. The minute I entered Spring Studios for my first show, I regretted the decision, because I didn’t know what to expect. But wow. WOW, did I feel amazing after watching my first runway show. It may not be for everyone, but it’s an experience, and experiences are what make life exciting.

This season I was surprised to have received as many invites as I did. And in all honesty, I was not prepared for it. I work a full-time as project manager and taking days off was just out of the question. So I decided to share the experience with anyone and everyone. As for myself, I stuck to a schedule of one show during work hours and all my afternoon shows. Which meant picking the ones I was most excited to experience (of course, I would’ve loved to see them all). For Day 1, that was definitely All Things Mochi, while my friend Asma covered the i-am-chen show for me. Followed by afternoon shows for Rizhou and ICY Dynasty.


All Things Mochi:

Jordanian-born, Dubai-Based designer, Ayah Tabari, was a delight to meet during the presentation for her latest PHILIPPINES-inspired collection. All Things Mochi always stays true to it’s colorful, whimsical, and cultural details. The designs definitely have me excited for Spring 2020!

All Things Mochi S/S 2020 - NYFW

All Things Mochi S/S 2020 - NYFW

Every collection is handcrafted by local artisans using traditional methods of embroidery to create contemporary pieces.
All Things Mochi S/S 2019 NYFW

All Things Mochi S/S 2019 NYFW

All Things Mochi stayed true to their amazingly unique style of bright colors, cultural integration, and extraordinary prints. This season’s concept around Phillipines, included handcrafted pieces from local artisans - full of colors, ruffles, and floral patterns! Ayah Tabari took All Things Mochi to a whole new level this season, as she presents her pieces in New York for the second time (woo!). The presentation itself included traditional dancers and drum players, only making me appreciate the design even more. The Dubai-based label presented at the Top of the Standard hotel rooftop and indeed went to a high standard of skirts and dresses this collection. The mixture of modern boho/inflused with Asian style and hues created a statement. Needless to say, I am already excited for Spring 2020 outfits!



the show featured one of the freshest new on the scene designer: i-am-chen. An engineering student turned fashion designer, who debuted pops of color and material mixtures, debuted at spring studios. Reason this is so amazing is because Spring studios is known to present high designers, like Michael Kors and Sally LaPointe - a great scene for an up and coming designer.

Laurence & Chico Fall-Winter 2019

Laurence & Chico Fall-Winter 2019

My collection is for people who have a young soul regardless of age. The opportunity and support that the growing Chinese economy and market offers [Chinese designers] is something that designers from elsewhere in the world can never imagine.
— Zhi Chen
 i-am-chen RTW Spring 2020

Zhi Chen, the founder of i-am-chen, represents another type of designer in China — young and emerging. A semi-finalist in the 2018/2019 International Woolmark Prize Hong Kong and a recent graduate of the Parsons School of Design (I attended there Freshman Year - great school!) in New York City. Chen offered fashion fans the highlight of the day with a knitwear-heavy collection that was likely to be a hit across a global market. Her debut at Spring Studios marks a milestone in her career. “Good designs don’t need labels. Good designs are good. It doesn’t matter if they are created in China or in any other country” and I must say, I agree.


ICY Dynasty

Walking into the dimly-lit room, I was already captivated! “ICY Presents: Dynasty” featured 4 designers, each turned to a different historical Chinese dynasty for inspiration. This was my first time experiencing a collective show and it felt so artistic. The concept was to select a period based on each distinct brand style to highlight traditional Asian culture with a modern update.

Hiuman S/S 2020 - NYFW

Hiuman S/S 2020 - NYFW

This collective is named “ICY Presents: Dynasty.” Each designer turned to a different historical Chinese dynasty for inspiration.
Fengyi S/S 2020 - NYFW

Fengyi S/S 2020 - NYFW

Walking into Spring Studios the venue was dimly lit, projecting purple lights, playing traditional Chinese music, and a sense of mysticism fell over me. I had zero idea of what to expect, but found my seat and waited for the show. The four designers were: Huiman, Leaf Xia, Fengyi Tan, and All Comes From Nothing - presented in that order. My absolute favorite collections were All Comes From Nothing and Fengyi Tan.

Huiman: The first brand of the night, Huiman, had beauty in its simplicity (top left image) — long, wispy sleeves and loose-fitting clothing in lavender, mint green and white were prominent and calming. The unique use of tassels — either around the model’s neck, covering their face or cinched at the waist, gave this collection a hint of restriction despite the loose tailoring.

Leaf Xia: Leaf Xia’s collection was colorful and unpredictable, and a bit too extreme for my taste. Unlike Hiuman, the colors focused on neons: pink, green, yellow, with bright butterfly and flower prints. Bold in its own way, but I appreciate relatable design far more than artistic statements.

Fengyi Tan: The long and loose blazers of this collection came in various pastels, and the satin on the fringes or collars added a touch of shine. However, it was the accessories that stole the show — slinky-inspired earrings wrapped around the models’ heads, a few models sported masks and others wore headpieces that resembled hats without crowns.

All Comes From Nothing: Black, khaki, blue and gold were dominant throughout designer Eva Xu’s line. Loose frills were hemmed onto the majority of the pieces, and wedged boots with gold soles accompanied them. Overall, the collection was cohesive and consistent but without any standout looks.

Instagals To Follow

Trying not to overdo the NYFW posts (last one, I promise). I’ve mentioned it being my first time at NYFW, so aside from the experience and confusion of trying to figure out where to go, what to do… etc— there was the socializing. I’ve never had a problem making conversation with others, but it was definitely intimidating making conversation with people who are running around to different shows, in the middle of taking photos, or catching up with others who have been to NYFW before. Basically they all had their shit together, but I met a number of women who were so sweet and supportive. This is probably super weird to do, but I have to give a shout-out to the badass women I met during those crazy (fun) three days.

1. Aliska @mademoiselleaia

I met this Bulgarian beauty while waiting for the Noon by Noor show. Literally just struck up random conversation, which turned into a coffee date after the show. She’s the sweetest and has the cutest pug!

2. Krystal @krystal_bick

I’ve been following Krystal for a while now. I absolutely love her photos — she makes fashion look so fun & beautiful in the most artistic way. So when I saw her outside after the show I wanted to say hi! Of course the only thing to pop in my head in the moment was to say “hey, are you Krystal?” (lol). She’s as sweet in person as she comes across on her platform, if not more.

3. Lyn Slater @Iconaccidental

A queen. A professor. An Icon. Lyn is someone I’ve followed for years and never thought I’d meet. Yet, after the Self Portrait show, I just gathered up the courage (don’t judge, I was nervous!) to say hello. Later that night at the R13 show, I ran into her again (and her life partner, Calvin!) as we waited in line to enter the show. They’re real, down-to-earth, and inspirational intellectuals (with great style).

4. Gabriella @gabriellazacche

When I say I was making random conversations — I mean it. I met Gabriella at a photo-booth in the lobby hangout area after the Self Portrait show (can’t get more random than that). I didn’t know her, but I absolutely loved her skirt, so I had to compliment her. When it was my turn to take pictures, I asked if she wanted to join in. Literally a 5-minute encounter, but she was super sweet and after exchanging Instagrams I realized why I loved her skirt — the girl’s got taste.

5. Tamar @fashionbytamar

Miami in NYC! I met Tamar after the Laurence & Chico show. She’s full of love, laughter, and life, and of course we bonded over Miami. Her style is crazy fabulous and she’s 100% herself which only makes you adore her more — plus her Instagram is full of beautiful dresses.