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From Sheets To Streets
Wearing:  ASOS jumpsuit, Gucci loafers

Wearing: ASOS jumpsuit, Gucci loafers

We are quite literally getting into bed with this trend - from silky sets to jumpsuits. During the day, pairing with loafers or sneakers if best. For night - quickly switch to open toe pumps to turn it into bed ready chic. 

NYC Galleries

A few weeks ago I spent the day "gallery-hopping" in Chelsea, New York with my sister and friends. Not only is it a fun way to experience art, it's free! Which apparently is something not many people know. But yes, it is free to check out the local art of New York. Many of these galleries are open to the public, so pick a day to roll out of bed and gather some friends for a spontaneous day of galleries. 

A few of the galleries I visited:

Jim Kempner Fine Art - 501 w 23rd St, New York

Lisson Gallery - 504 w 24th St, New York

Chase Contemporary - 521 w 23rd St, New York

Gagosian - 522 w 21st St, New York

Pace Gallery - 510 w 25th St, New York