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Faux - Jacket Season
Wearing : T by Alexander Wang  s weater   | A.L.C.   pants


It's been coat season but since I fly back and forth from Miami it's hard to keep up with the weather sometimes. The coat I'm wearing is faux fur, from F21 actually. Affordable, cute, and warm. I chose it for it's color, a subtle touch of nude pink for an all black outfit. Coat season is actually my favorite times of the year, not sure why I love layers more than beach wear. But of course with coat season comes the winter cold or for me the "winter laziness". I love to stay warm under the covers an extra hour in the morning or on the couch with a cup of tea, while the snow falls outside. Getting started in the morning is the hardest part on cold days, but once you've started, it’s all up from there. Like running at the gym, hard at first but once you’ve hit that momentum, it's almost like you could run that treadmill with your eyes closed. After struggling with the “couch potato" feels this morning, I decided to wake up and get out. 

I like to be efficient and feel motivated. Half the time I'm not, it's just because there’s too much going on. We’re only human. We can only do so much. So a few tips I thought of that have helped me: 

  1. Pick your outfit the night before! Pre-choosing what to wear the night before, frees up that portion of my morning to focus on more important matters. Plus it helps me get up and out once I'm dressed. And if you can't think of anything to wear, easily throw on a cute coat.
  2. Wake up early. Write down 3-5 things to get done that day. Ranked by priority.
  3. Never panic, block out time for the most important tasks and let the rest of the urgent but less important stuff slide. Learn it is never worth the stress, it will still be there tomorrow.

In any case, I think everyone needs at least one furry faux coat in their closet. 

Wearing : F21   c    oat   | Marc Jacobs   b  ag   | Rag & Bone   j    eans

Wearing: F21 coat | Marc Jacobs bag | Rag & Bone jeans