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Instagals To Follow

Trying not to overdo the NYFW posts (last one, I promise). I’ve mentioned it being my first time at NYFW, so aside from the experience and confusion of trying to figure out where to go, what to do… etc— there was the socializing. I’ve never had a problem making conversation with others, but it was definitely intimidating making conversation with people who are running around to different shows, in the middle of taking photos, or catching up with others who have been to NYFW before. Basically they all had their shit together, but I met a number of women who were so sweet and supportive. This is probably super weird to do, but I have to give a shout-out to the badass women I met during those crazy (fun) three days.

1. Aliska @mademoiselleaia

I met this Bulgarian beauty while waiting for the Noon by Noor show. Literally just struck up random conversation, which turned into a coffee date after the show. She’s the sweetest and has the cutest pug!

2. Krystal @krystal_bick

I’ve been following Krystal for a while now. I absolutely love her photos — she makes fashion look so fun & beautiful in the most artistic way. So when I saw her outside after the show I wanted to say hi! Of course the only thing to pop in my head in the moment was to say “hey, are you Krystal?” (lol). She’s as sweet in person as she comes across on her platform, if not more.

3. Lyn Slater @Iconaccidental

A queen. A professor. An Icon. Lyn is someone I’ve followed for years and never thought I’d meet. Yet, after the Self Portrait show, I just gathered up the courage (don’t judge, I was nervous!) to say hello. Later that night at the R13 show, I ran into her again (and her life partner, Calvin!) as we waited in line to enter the show. They’re real, down-to-earth, and inspirational intellectuals (with great style).

4. Gabriella @gabriellazacche

When I say I was making random conversations — I mean it. I met Gabriella at a photo-booth in the lobby hangout area after the Self Portrait show (can’t get more random than that). I didn’t know her, but I absolutely loved her skirt, so I had to compliment her. When it was my turn to take pictures, I asked if she wanted to join in. Literally a 5-minute encounter, but she was super sweet and after exchanging Instagrams I realized why I loved her skirt — the girl’s got taste.

5. Tamar @fashionbytamar

Miami in NYC! I met Tamar after the Laurence & Chico show. She’s full of love, laughter, and life, and of course we bonded over Miami. Her style is crazy fabulous and she’s 100% herself which only makes you adore her more — plus her Instagram is full of beautiful dresses.