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NYFW [Day 3]
Wearing: F21  jumpsuit , F21  jacket , Valentino  handbag

Wearing: F21 jumpsuit, F21 jacket, Valentino handbag

[Day 3] was my last day of NYFW — reality awaits (aka work), but I’m thankful for the experience. A few things no one really posts during fashion week is 1. all the lines we wait in! I became friends with the front entrance security (lol) so they let me wait inside in the warmth, otherwise most people wait in the cold until doors open. 2. most of the shows started late, so everyone just kinda waits for it to start (this is when I’d randomly start chatting up with anyone). 3. I already covered the ‘standing’ tickets, but recap — not all those seated were given seats (myself included). ‘Standing’ tickets are for guests who still cover the show but are also seat fillers.

My 3rd and last day was definitely my favorite because I covered two shows for brands I absolutely love. Self Portrait, a brand I actually wear, and R13, a brand I should definitely start to wear.


Self Portrait:

I love self-portrait — designs are always on trend, but can still be worn for seasons to come. It can be pricey, but worth it, especially when finding a good piece on sale. This season was a new level of fun sophistication and colorful elegance .

Self Portrait Fall-Winter 2019

Self Portrait Fall-Winter 2019

Plaid dresses, whimsical patterns, lace, and stripes danced down the runway, all while maintaining the classic Self Portrait tailoring. 
Self-Portrait RTW Fall 2019

It's clear that Self Portrait is made for the modern woman. The clean black and white silhouettes, animated by layering, ankle-length slits, puffy-sleeves, and embellished seams. The layering ‘second skin’ turtleneck under the dresses was interesting, sort of like a covered-up-sexy look. My favorite pieces were the orange-and-blue checkered pattern, black-and-white floral pattern, and the mixture of patterns. The collection is versatile — I can see myself wearing these pieces to work, happy-hour, or Sunday brunch.


R13 Denim:

old is new and exciting again — R13 created layers and layers of chic grunge and cool patterns. The venue itself perfectly matched the show, as it was set in an old building on wall st (leave it to R13 to make an old building look cool). A change from the shows I had attended prior, I loved the experience: the show, the music, and the clothes.

R13 Denim Fall-Winter 2019

R13 Denim Fall-Winter 2019

I went to this amazing thrift shop with brooches and things from so many different decades. Just as an idea, [I thought] wouldn’t it be cool if we did a collection out of things only in this thrift shop?
— Chris Leba

Grunge is back — according to R13 it’s “grandma grunge,” as the runway was filled with tweed, plaid, and rock ‘n’ roll vibes. The creativity of the fall show marked the mixture of high fashion meets grunge elements from different eras. I immediately imagined the cool young girls walking the halls of high school, just as they did before — only much chicer. I’m a huge fan of layering clothes, R13’s layering and seamless Earth-tone-patterns flowed together so easily, decorating the outfits with some beautiful pins and crystal brooches.