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#OOTD Week of 06.05.19
Wearing: Figue Love  dress

Wearing: Figue Love dress

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Wearing: Capulet dress | Kooreloo  bag  | Walmart shoes

Wearing: Capulet dress | Kooreloo bag | Walmart shoes

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Wearing: Marchesa Notte  dress

Wearing: Marchesa Notte dress

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Wearing: M.i.h Jeans  jumpsuit

Wearing: M.i.h Jeans jumpsuit

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Lately, it feels like I’m spreading myself too thin and at the same time I’m holding back. I started this site as a place to write my thoughts, experiences, and connect with others. Yet, I find myself reluctant to do so. I post Instagrams stories of events I go to, but never really talk about what I experienced. Partially from fear of opening up and partially from just not having enough time, because I’m going to too many (plus started a new job and renovating a new house). Often times I step back and analyze myself, so here’s what I’ve come up with so far: I’m trying to do so much to make up for all the time I’ve been away… I’m trying to grow this blog, but I’m also afraid of what others will think, so I’m focusing my efforts on all the wrong things – like going to as many events as I can instead of openly talking about a select few.

My motto for architecture is we analyze issues (social, economical, urban) and formulate solutions (in the built environment). Well in this case for me, I think it’s much easier to form solutions than to actually apply them. I am well aware my biggest issue is my confidence. I just hope, in time, I am able to resolve it and truly, openly, be myself.