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#OOTD Week of 07.26.19
Wearing: Tory Burch   dress

Wearing: Tory Burch dress

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Wearing: F21  top  | Jil Sander Navy  pants  | Sephora  straw bag

Wearing: F21 top | Jil Sander Navy pants | Sephora straw bag

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Wearing: H&M  top |  Scotch & Soda  pants

Wearing: H&M top | Scotch & Soda pants

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For a while now I’ve been lost as to what “label” I am. An architect, a blogger, or does designer cover it all? I’m not a stranger to it, being born in the US but with Ecuadorian and Egyptian blood, who I am has always been a question. Slowly, but surely, I’m starting to actually apply what I tell myself. I’m a mixture of different pieces — a woman, Muslim, architect, writer, fashion-lover, traveller, daughter, sister, wife, architect, Egyptian-Ecuadorian-American. I am me.

A big part of it all was people telling me to find a “niche” in my blog and social media. Find one pieces out of all the parts of me and focus on it. But I couldn’t. I can’t. My friend asked me a good question, “do you want to be a model or a human?” and the answer is… human. I want to be me. Whether that gets me readers or followers isn’t the point to it all. I love being able to be myself and freely explore and share the different parts that make me whole.

It’s definitely a process, but to those of you who follow along with me, I appreciate the love. And those who aren’t interested, it’s completely okay.

A Day In Casablanca, Morocco

The largest city in Morocco, Casablanca, with parisian Art Deco, the beach, and authentic moroccan vibes, yet without all the tourism. a delightful place to wander around and soak up the elegance and bustling atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy the city as its unbridled authentic self through its beautiful history and mystique. If you’re in Casablanca for the day, here’s a little firsthand experience of what I did with my time.

Simply Gharib Casablanca, Morocco

Simply Gharib Travel Guide To:

Casablanca, Morocco

Though not as atmospheric as other Moroccan cities, the city's handsome Moorish buildings, which meld French-colonial design and traditional Moroccan style, are beautiful to admire. If you’re in Casablanca for the day, here’s a little firsthand post of exactly what I did with my time.

From the AIRPORT TO CITY to day, afternoon, and night activities



Cairo #OOTD Week of 07.01.19
Wearing: Sachin Babi  dress

Wearing: Sachin Babi dress

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Wearing: A.L.C   dress   | Coach  sandals (   similar   )

Wearing: A.L.C dress | Coach sandals (similar)

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Wearing:  Ulla Johnson    dress

Wearing: Ulla Johnson dress

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Why did we go back to Egypt (4 months later)? Because it’s home. It’s where I met this guy 10 years ago. Where I met some of my best friends. It’s where my siblings and I got closer. Where my parents really got to enjoy time together. — To be honest, when we first moved to Egypt, all those years ago, I was a bratty teenager, constantly complaining that my parents were ruining my life (yes, I was that cliche). Only to end up falling in love with the country as my own home. Home is where the memories are and laughter is always shared.