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Currently Obsessed — Spring
Simply Gharib_Fall Wishlist-1.jpg

I started this post last Friday and I’m just getting around to posting it now… It’s been a crazy week to say the least. On top of catching up with work (as usual) I just finished teaching (my part-time job) on Thursday! I honestly didn’t think I would love teaching as much as I did, which is crazy! My poor students had to put up with my architecture ramblings (lol) but I’m hoping they all benefited. I definitely enjoyed meeting them all.

Spring is here, sort of, which means my lighter pieces move to the front of my rack. I love a good straw hat and white blouse, which can seem very “picnic” at times. But the real star of this post  are the bold, colorful, floral prints, which I know for Spring is nothing new, but how amazing these patterns on pants! — a little out of my comfort zone which only makes me want to wear them more.